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White Dove Release for Weddings

White Dove Release for Weddings

Your wedding day is a day to remember. Your special wedding ceremony blesses the journey of two unique individuals — two separate lives — beginning a long journey of working together as one.

A white dove release for weddings would be a wonderful way to celebrate your special day. The release of two white doves as part of a wedding ceremony symbolizes the bride and groom as they begin their married life together.

When released by the bride and groom, the flight of two individual doves demonstrates how they work as a team to establish their bearings to find their way home. While still separate, they communicate effectively with each other, and know exactly where to find the lights of home.

A bride and groom do not know what the future holds for them, but with faith and love and commitment to each other, they know that home is wherever they are together — and like the doves — together they know exactly where to find the lights of home.

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Doves symbolize peace, love, happiness, and prosperity. The doves can be released outdoors as the wedding couple leaves the church, or during an outdoor ceremony, perhaps with the reading of a special poem or family story.

The white doves circle the couple and then fly away, symbolizing the departure of the newlyweds from their families to the beginning of their new life journey together.

Since ancient times, it is said that the release of white doves on a wedding day assures love, a happy home, and good fortune.

Blessings to your happy life together.